BossStory is a wonderful private server with nice and friendly GM's. Our rates are 1000/1000/500. Is Hamachi...hoping to get off it. Enjoy our wonderful server. =D
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 Rules for Forum/Server

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PostSubject: Rules for Forum/Server   Tue Jan 27, 2009 1:07 am

[[Please read and respect the rules. It's not fun if you get banned for doing something stupid]]

Forum Rules

1. Please don't spam in Announcements and Rules.
2. Please be nice.
3. Don't post inappropriate things. No one wants to see it. Keep it PG-13. Lawls. NO PORN <<
4. Don't ask stupid questions. I don't want any smart-asses.
5. Keep it short and simple. I don't want to read paragraph posts.
6. Don't double post.

In-Game Rules:

1. No hacking.
2. No cussing
(You can cuss a bit but not to the extent of harassment, I don't want any complaints and if me or the other GMs tell you to stop, then SDFU)
3. Don't ask anybody if you can be GM/Mod
(Fill out an app. Don't harass the staff of me about it. It won't make us like you any more or less)
4. Don't ask GMs for stuff.
5. Treat GMs respectively.
6. Don't smega too much.


GM Rules:

(Abusement will result in being stripped of GM power)
2. Do not harrass OR insult members or other GMs.
3. Do not give away custom/GM items unless they have been won in events. (AND approved by Ali/Kyle or any other Admin who they've given permission to.)
4. Do not mass summon [unless it's an event].
5. Do not jail unnecessarily.
6. DO not warp people to GM map. That is strictly for GMs only.
7. Be ACTIVE and have fun
8. Don't go to GM map it is glitched...go there if you want a stuck charecter =D
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Rules for Forum/Server
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